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Together we create an alternative reality

This section reveals the main details and answers on most frequently asked questions in order to help you make your decision
Mission of the project
To create a community of spiritually close people, who wish to live in harmony with nature and with each other.

To build a sustainable autonomous eco-settlement, with minimal negative environmental impact, using modern technologies, sharing the principles of co-financing and collective ownership.

To form a space for happy living and personal transformation, that will stimulate conscious interaction, self-development and spiritual cognition both for habitants and guests.

To create a model for replication and amplification and to show by personal example, that re-thinking typical aspects of modern life and changing the vector of human activity is desirable, possible and necessary.
What does "sustainable'' mean?
The modern civilization, based on constant consuming, is not able to continue its development without making unalterable damage to the biosphere of our Planet, biodiversity destruction, pollution, which in a long-term perspective will lead to its collapse and destruction of conditions, necessary for supporting human life on a planetary level.

Sustainable development is a concept about the need in establishing balance between meeting the modern needs of mankind and protecting the interests of future generations, including their need for a safe and healthy environment.

Our project aims to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to satisfy the needs of the participants, not to endanger the ability of future generations.
Who implements the project?
The project was founded by a group of initiative young people who realized the need to create alternative conditions for life and personal and collective development.

It is possible to get acquainted with us today, having successfully passed the basic stages of selection as potential participants of the project.
Where is it?
The settlement is going to be located in the woods near Lviv. The location is selected in such a way as to ensure maximum immersion in the nature, while maintaining the ability to quickly and comfortably reach the city and return home daily.

During the first stages of the project all information about the exact location is disclosed only to potential participants who will be pre-selected and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
What size is the settlement?
The settlement will be occupying area of approximately 15 hectares and is intended for a population of about 50 families. The exact number of residents depends on their individual needs and financial capacity, as the project is dynamically developed by the participants themselves.
How does the project function?
Stakeholders apply and participate in a step-by-step selection process, aimed to form a community based on shared aspirations and values. Existing participants independently choose their future neighbors.

Residents will collectively make important decisions, always trying to reach consensus, so everyone should be ready to work on themselves and rethink their own beliefs for the sake of the common good.

Territorial development and improvement works are carried out and funded by the participants themselves.

As the project aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment, the participants are committed to care for the harmony of the environment and to use natural resources rationally:

• to minimize the amount of generated garbage
• compost all organic waste
• sort and hand over recyclables
• use only environmentally friendly household appliances
• accumulate rainwater for watering plants
• to respect the freedom of animals and avoid their exploitation
• at desire to grow vegetable food
Attitude to religion and politics
The project does not impose political, ideological or religious views, but calls for constant work on itself and rethinking of its own stereotypes for the sake of the evolution of personal and collective consciousness.

We are learning to feel the unity of all living things and to send love to everything that surrounds us, creating an environment that will encourage to be here and now!
What are the terms of implementation?
First residents will be able to move in 2022. Completion of major construction works is scheduled for 2024. In the future, the project will continue its development on the principles of collective self-government.
How much does it cost?

The cost of participating in the project, excluding the cost of personal dwelling, ranges from $ 30,000 for early entrants to $ 70,000 for those who join the latter, and includes common ownership of the entire territory, infrastructure, movable and immovable property of the community, including greenhouse, autonomous power generation system, etc.

The cost of housing construction is calculated individually and depends on the unique requirements and wishes of each person.
How is the project funded?
The project is legally established as a consumer cooperative. Selected applicants make a contribution to the project, which, according to the legislation, is returned in case of leaving the project. The exact cost of the unit for each project participant is determined at the time of completion of capital construction of the settlement infrastructure. The individual contributions to the unit, which the participants make gradually, are determined according to developed financial model.

The later the date of entry into the project, the more costly it will be to participate, since the early participants carry greater risks than their successors.

The further functioning of the project is carried out through payment of membership fees. The development and dating of the project comes at the expense of additional units or targeted contributions. A detailed description of the financial model is only available to pre-qualified participants.

To join the community it is necessary: to accept and maintain the values and principles of the project, to leave the application on the website, to pass selection successfully and to finance your participation.

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